The Cress Bed Clean up

By David

Having never seen a working cress bed, it’s hard to tell exactly how it was all pieced together. The obvious necessary element to the farm was a constant supply of fresh, mineral laced water. There are two bore holes on the site, one capped and working, the other rusted and as far as I can tell – LEAKING! Water from the bores was carried along side channels with holes in the side wall every metre or so, this flooded the bed and filtered along to the other end and eventually into the central ditch running down the centre of the site. (I am guessing mind you!)

Today I spent a few hours carrying on the wet and muddy job of clearing one of the remaining cress beds which I want to turn into a feature of the Cresslands site. It has a couple of patches of bullrushes which I am keeping but intend on clearing ALL of the rest and possibly digging into the bed to create some depth enough for fish.

There are a few waterlogged and dead trees to take out as yet, but the area is already proving fertile in life, with caddis fly larvae, pond skaters and snails, as well as a regular duck visitor.

The only relatively untouched cress bed getting cleared

The only relatively untouched cress bed getting cleared

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