roundabout phase 1 complete

By David

By looking at the photo, you would have no idea how much time and effort has gone into getting the Area 5 roundabout to this stage. After a HUGE amount of back-breaking, shoulder crunching clearance work, thanks to Julie, Wayne, Sam and others, I have now formed an almost level central bed for the roundabout to encompass. I’m looking forward to planting it up now, complimenting the existing willow trees.

Area 5 roundabout phase 1 complete

Area 5 roundabout phase 1 complete

The actual roundabout road, will be (as usual) underlaid with a reasonable depth of hardcore, as on digging down, we have found a considerable layer of light brown clay, and beneath this a very dark and somewhat pungent layer of sticky, silty soil. There was also a small band of large grade gravel running across what once was a water cress bed.

The aim of the roundabout is to minimise the infrastructure impact on this area, whilst maximising the space available for landscaping and caravan parking. Even though a large proportion of this area has a concrete slab over it, as it was where the main work buildings were sited, grading up to the concrete with grass should look just fine.

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