Entries from April, 2015

Storage yard nearly completed.

We are very close to having the second phase of the external caravan and motor home storage yard finished. We will have a full capacity of around 45 spaces available and an area designated for washing and cleaning.

With a few more weeks of work to go and about 120 tonnes of gravel, we will be ready to set the ball rolling with CaSSOA registration and awarding.


Bees update

Thanks to a local and generous Bee Keeper (thanks Gareth!) I’ve progressed to a good stage with the bee hive. It’s now got a brand new base, a secondary brood box (second box up) to eventually make the old one redundant and able to be reused on a new hive and the first ‘super’ (which is where the bees put the excess – honey!!!). So, watch this space… I look forward to offering our touring park and storage customers a jar of site produced Amber nectar! 🙂