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Welcome to the Cresslands Blog.

Let me introduce myself; my name is David Walters, and with this blog, I aim to bring you the latest development news and interesting findings and musings surrounding the Cresslands project of redeveloping 6 acres of land just south of Bourne, which was originally a working water cress farm. We are developing this plot of land into a touring caravan park and camping area, with additional storage facilities for caravans and other mobile home vehicles.

20 years of neglect

As a young boy, I worked on this bit of land for my father Alan Walters when he and his old business partner set up a plant nursery on the site. That was well over 25 years ago, and for the past 20 years it has mainly been left to its own accord, completely overgrown, unloved and untouched by any human. That is until I came back from living in Portugal last year (2012) and took on the massive task to redevelop it.

Here’s a set of photographs that were taken at the end of summer 2012 after a good few months cutting back, strimming, brush cutting, chainsawing, JCB-ing, clearing and generally getting incredibly filthy trying to get the place back to ground level.

For all enquiries please call me on 07929 778002 or email david@cresslands.co.uk

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  1. What a great project
    I spent a couple of weeks working with your father many years ago it was my work experience with school (fond memories)I think it’s brilliant to see the old site being used again and can’t wait to see the end result
    Keep up the good work David

  2. I worked for Ted Moody in the garage of nursery supplies in the 90’s. At that time we used the land at Kates bridge nurseries for storage and dumping of garden waste etc. I’m the 90’s there wasn’t much call for water cress but I often wondered once it became popular again whether the land at Kates bridge could be used to grow again as I can recall all the beds still remained there.

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