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Feathered display

I’ve noticed over the past few weeks the resident male peacock, become much more vocal and territorial, with a lot of tail feather shaking. I keep forgetting to take my DSLR with me, but managed to capture him trying to woo a female with his magnificent and impressively colourful tail plumage.

Does she look impressed?

Does she look impressed?

Any old iron

It was good to finally get rid of a huge mountain of metal accumulated from various areas on the site this week.

The metal mountain

The metal mountain

After a quick call to Sims Metal Management, who are going to recycle it all, they dropped a huge container sized roll off skip for me to fill.

One empty skip

One empty skip

Six and a half hours later – and admittedly with a bit of squishing down with the JCB I deemed it FULL!

Ta-Da! - One FULL skip

Ta-Da! – One FULL skip

I’ve since found out that it weighed in at just 3.04 Tonnes, I lost a bet and believe me when I tell you it felt like twice that putting it in! đŸ˜‰

Small Things

'Mule' Engineering at its best...

‘Mule’ Engineering at its best…

When you’re dealing with such a huge project, it is easy to push the seemingly insignificant minor details to the background. With so much still to do on the Cresslands site, before we open up for touring caravans to park and settle in for the night, making headway with the main roadway and continuing the site clearance has held top priority. Although it still does, it was a small thing, but yet a huge milestone, to finally place a securing plate onto the now 1 year old tarmac entrance to hold the gate firmly in place. Sam (bro-in-law) set to work last week and engineered the plate, but I must say it’s made a huge difference to how I get in and out of the site, which from a Feng Shui perspective is a GOOD thing.

More cosmetic and polishing touches planned for the next few weeks.. đŸ™‚

Aerial Photo

Here’s an aerial shot of the Cresslands Ltd. site. The A15 running north towards Bourne on the left. I would say the photo is around 5-7 years old, but you can clearly see where the old cress beds are marked by the long strips of concrete forming walkways between the beds.

Aerial Photo of the Cresslands site, approx 5 to 7 years ago.

Aerial Photo of the Cresslands site, approx 5 to 7 years ago.

Kushi – site branch manager!

20130413-055642 PM.jpg

Kushi – Site – ‘Branch’ Manager!

A firm floor

This week, the large industrial unit or ‘shed’ got concreted. It’s now completely weatherproof and sealed from any animal gaps! We had several birds nests in here last year! If you are looking to over-winter your caravan get in touch for competitive rates and availability.

Storage unit now with a firm concrete floor

Storage unit now with a firm and very flat concrete floor